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To enter Sabinas, you have to get on the train of history. Imagine: July 29, 1883, the pioneer families who seek land for their livestock and crops, found this. But it is the coal miningl, railroad and trade that detonate the wealth of the area. Suddenly, doctors, engineers, merchants, farmers - nationals and foreigners - arrive with the train that marks the hour and pace of the city; The Miguel Hidalgo elementary school appears in 1888 and by 1940, the Venustiano Carranza secondary school is erected. Sabinas grows guided by progress and now it is your turn to continue discovering its history. So, welcome to this hospitable land!

What to visit?



The house that Doroteo Arango, better known as Pancho Villa, inhabited in 1920 when negotiating his "military retirement", now is a museum with 7 rooms where you will find information about his birth, his role as a revolutionary and guerrilla, the legendary Division of the North, his stay in Sabinas, his death and later figure as a myth. Did you know that Villa had its own denomination of money? Learn this and other curious facts, go deep into your story!

Location: Emilio Carranza corner with Gómez Farías
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (holiday periods and holidays: open on Monday)
Cost: Free admission
Contact: 861 612 91 34


Location: Calle Amador Chapa #186 Zona Centro
Cost: Free admission. Previous registration
Schedule: Mon – Sat 9:00am to 9:00pm
Information: (861) 6121225 and 6123264

Live a different afternoon at the LEMS Cultural Center. You can attend totally free classes in zumba, painting, computing, among others, or, integrate into the literary cafe (where they actually serve coffee) Cheer up! You will also find exhibitions of painting or photography, plays, cinema cycles and conferences to which you can attend all year. Whether you are visiting for a day or a year, this cultural center welcomes you.

¿Qué visitar?


Location: Independencia #105 Col. Zona Centro 
Cost:  Free Entry

Next to the Municipal Square where you will find the Presbyterian Church El Divino Salvador, and the Catholic parish of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. Both constructions are evidence of the cultural structure that this region lived in its foundation, thanks to the migration of citizens of the United States, England, Japan and Libya that arrived to work Coal.


Location: Epifanio Ramos S.N. Col. Residencial del Bosque
Contact: Tel. (861) 110 9176
Attention to Mr.  Cuauhtémoc Maldonado, club president.
FB: Oso Negro

Are you passionate about archery? Are you in Sabinas? Visit the Oso Negro  Club, the only place in the municipality that offers the 3D modality with silhouettes of animals in real size such as wild cat, wild boar, black bear, mountain goat and the striking elk.

Visit the club and do not forget to attend the annual circuit that is performed from April to November with 3 clubs from Monclova; with categories for children, novice or expert adults and adults over 60 years.


Authorized private lands information

Tel. (861) 61 3 05 03, Carbonífera Tourism offices.

If you like adventure, the Carboniferous Region gives you the opportunity to enjoy hunting. Texas White-tailed deer hunting and its subspecies, such as Carmini, in the UMAs authorized by the federal government in the municipalities of Sabinas, Progreso, Juarez, Múzquiz, Acuña and Castaños.

Beyond legal hunting, hunting tourism helps to preserve species thanks to the protection of private lands. If you are interested in this activity, come to Oso Negro Club, they have the legal faculty with which you can process your permission to transport weapons.


Location: On the side of the Station Sabinas, under the Railroad bridge
Cost: Free entry

Paseo del Río is a linear park next to the Sabinas River. In addition to its green areas, palapas and rotisseries, what gives life to it are the families who visit it, pets running everywhere, the kids who come to fish, people riding their bike. All this happens in a tranquil family atmosphere.

Definitely a place to relax, where you can also go fishing or paddle in your kayak.


Cultural destination

Information: Lic. Gerardo García Ayala

The downtown is an orderly and spacious place. Did you know that this is thanks to a few stones? In 1886, Engineer Luis Enrique Boheme designed the plan of the city at the request of the founders of Sabinas, advised by English merchants, whose vision was to have a neat city, symbol of progress. To mark and preserve the stroke were used cut stones as landmarks in the corners, at that time there were more than a hundred, currently only three remain.

1.- Ocampo st. and  Primero de Mayo Ave.

2.- Independencia Avenue and Zaragoza st.

3.- Primero de Mayo Ave. and Gómez Farías st.



Hotel Express


30 Rooms

Carr. 57 # 255 Sur, Col. Del Valle C.P. 26780

Tel: (861) 616 5070 y

(861) 612 5252

Hotel Posada

Santa Fe

44 Rooms

Blvd. Paseo de los Leones Km. 117, Fundadores, C.P. 26740

Tel: (861) 613 0300 y 613 0400

Gran Hotel


20 Rooms

Francisco I. Madero #239

Zona Centro, C.P. 26700

Tel: (861) 612 0021 y 612 3058


El Dorado

74 Rooms

Zaragoza #158 Pte.

Zona Centro, C.P. 26700

Tel: (861) 612 2166 y 612 2266


Santa Clara

19 Rooms

Calle Independencia 294 Nte.

Zona Centro, C.P. 26700

Tel: (861) 612 6539



23 Rooms

Francisco I. Madero #160

Zona Centro, C.P. 26700

Tel: (861) 612 8282 y 612 1923

Hotel Plaza


47 Rooms

Calle Altamirano S/N, L-54

Blvd. Paseo de los Leones

Col. Reynera, C.P. 26730

Tel: (861) 612 7321

Hacienda Real

75 Rooms

Carr. 57 Km. 1181

Col. Fundadores, C.P. 26740

Tel: (861) 613 0339



16 Rooms

Ramos Arizpe #181 Interior

Col. Centenario, C.P. 26750

Tel: (861) 612 1615




Restaurant & Bar La Estaca

Av. Raúl López Sánchez #354 Sur Col. Del Valle, C.P. 26780

Tel: (861) 612 8722

Restaurant & Bar Cielito Mío

Blvd. Paseo de los Leones #1333

Tel: (861) 612 4290

Restaurant & Bar Grill 365

Lamadrid #973 L5 Zona Centro, C.P. 26700

Tel: (861) 612 1634

Restaurant & Bar La Casona

Independencia #266 Zona Centro, C.P. 26700

Tel: (861) 612 2980

Restaurant & Bar El Tejado

Paseo de los Leones #1811 Col. Fundadores, C.P. 26740

Tel: (861) 613 0777

Restaurant & Bar Las Jarras

Paseo de los Leones #1665 Pte. Col. Fundadores, C.P. 26740

Tel: (861) 613 0155

Restaurant & Bar La Zapa

Rivapalacio #258 Ote. Zona Centro, C.P. 26700

Tel: (861) 612 4023

Hamburguesas La Tampiqueña

Lamadrid y 5 de mayo #195 Pte. Zona Centro, C.P. 26700

Tel: (861) 612 1321

Restaurant & Bar El Campanario

Blvd. Paseo de los Leones Km. 117-1 Col. Fundadores, C.P. 26740

Tel: (861) 613 0402

Magdalena´s Restaurant

Calle Ignacio Zaragoza #1630 Col. Del Valle, C.P. 26770

Tel: (861) 612 8667

Las Gringas Taquería

Hidalgo #175 Zona Centro, C.P. 26700

Tel: Tel: (861) 612 3909

Mi Café Parroquia

Lamadrid #129 Ote. Zona Centro, C.P. 26700

Tel: (861) 612 4807

Pizza Papa Jhon´s

Blvd. Paseo de los Leones #1616 Col. Fundadores, C.P. 26740

Tel: ((861) 613 0050

Church´s Fried Chicken

Blvd. Paseo de los Leones #1616 Col. Fundadores, C.P. 26740

Tel: (861) 613 2000



Emergency Numbers

* Hospital Z´Cruz

(861) 613 1212

* ISSSTE Sabinas Urgencias

(861) 612 6903

* Centro de Salud Sabinas

(861) 612 1010

* Centro Médico Sabinas

(861) 612 6600

* Municipal Police Sabinas

(861) 613 0374

* Fire Department Sabinas

(861) 612 3535

* Clínica de la Mujer

(861) 612 6336

* Clínica del Magisterio

Sec. 38

(861) 612 3227


* Banamex

Lamadrid #510, Col. Centro

Tel: (861) 612 6089

BBVA Bancomer

Francisco I. Madero #185, Col. Centro

Tel: (861) 612 6811

* Banorte

Francisco I. Madero, Col. Centro

Tel: (861) 612 7903


Francisco I. Madero #442, Col. Centro

Tel: (861) 612 3621

* Banco Santander Serfin

Av. Francisco I. Madero #294, Col. Centro

Tel: (861) 612 6978

* Scotiabank Inverlat

Francisco I. Madero #150, Col. Centro

Tel: (861) 612 3410


* Sitio Anáhuac

Tel: (861) 612 0760

Sitio Independencia

Tel: (861) 612 0744

* Sitio Gutiérrez

Tel: (861) 612 6530

* Sitio Carta Blanca

Tel: (861) 612 0444

* Sitio Reforma

Tel: (861) 612 1580

       (861) 612 0780

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