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Welcome to a city full of charm and adventure. Its history dates back to 1674, when Father Juan Larios founded the first mission called Santa Rosa de Santa Maria. Later on, the area  became known for Real Presidio del Sacramento, founded by Captain Don Miguel de la Garza Falcon, accompanied by 50 soldiers with their families and first settlers in 1737, on the San Diego River, on the northeast border of Coahuila. Later in 1739 the settlement transferred to the Valley of Santa Rosa, with the name of Real Presidio de Santa Rosa Ma. De Sacramento. In 1850 the settlement was renamed  the Villa of Melchor Múzquiz, in honor of the General who was the sixth president of the Mexican Republic. In 1925 Melchor Muzquiz was made a city.

Live the adventure in the natural sites known as "El Oasis del Norte.” You’ll be amazed by the richness of the surrounding land, livestock and important paleontological discoveries.

Melchor Múzquiz welcomes you with open arms. Come explore with us!

What to visit?


Location: Calle Santa Rosa #113 Ote. Col. Centro.

Schedule: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Closed Monday mornings and Sunday afternoon

Contact: 864 61 60 291

¿Qué visitar?

This baroque style parish is one of the most beautiful in Coahuila. According to the oldest archives of the Parish, on August 29, 1737, the first mass of thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit was held under a bower. Thus, in this year and at the beginning of 1738, the Parish of Santa Rosa de Lima was founded.
The construction of the first parochial temple dates from 1748; Its walls were of adobe stone and the roof of grass, nevertheless, was burned d at the beginning of 19th century by tribes indigenous people. The second temple was built in the same place by Franciscan missionaries, and was demolished to build the new temple in 1939 by Mr. Cure D. Ernesto E. Cadena. The work concluded on June 7, 1965. The people of Múzquiz only knew the interior until the consecration of the temple in 1965, made by the Eximo. Mr. Bishop of Saltillo D. Luis Guizar Barragán.


Location: Calle Adolfo E. Romo 1422 Pte. Ciudad Melchor Múzquiz.

Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
In summer from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Duration of the tour: 1:30 hrs.

Contact: 864 61 6 6522 (Schools by appointment).

The patronage Friends of the Culture of Múzquiz Coahuila, pays tribute to the most distinguished muzquense at an international level: the painter Julio Galán Romo, who was born in this city on December 5, 1958. The exhibition "Julio Galán at home" features a collection of 50 prints, of his famous pictorial works, in a natural environment, a magical place, that was his home and future inspiration.


Location: Prolongación Adolfo Romo, Col. La Cascada.

Schedule: Tuesday through Sunday10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Cost: Free entry

The water that is born in the mountains of Múzquiz is directed to this place to create the Recreational Park La Cascada. Refresh yourself in the beautiful waterfall that forms a pool; Enjoy its amenities such as zip lines, soccer fields, volleyball, basketball, benches and shading, outdoor theater, restaurant, among others.


Location: Hidalgo 205, Col. Centro.

Schedule: Monday through Friday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Cost: Free entrance.

This beautiful building dates back to 1909, its original façade is made of stones from the river. Formerly it was the home of the first settlement of the city, and later served as offices and a primary school. Its exhibition has pieces found in the region, such as spearheads, crowns of material similar to ixtle, mortars in very good condition, also has two rooms dedicated to the ethnic groups that inhabit the region: the Kikapoo and Negros Mascogos.


Location: Prolongación Adolfo Romo S/N, Colonia la Cascada
Cost: Free entry
Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Did you know that  the most complete and articulated fossil of a flying reptile that has never been found in Mexico was found in Muzquiz? The Muzquizopteryx Coahuilensis, an animal that flew through these territories billions of years ago. The replica of the fossil can be seen in the Museum of Paleontology, along with other fossil samples of dinosaurs, fish, mollusks and corals.



Cultural destination

Los Negros Mascogos are an ethnic group that moved from the United States to Mexico in the 17th century. They fled the slavery in which they lived in the United States. Los Negros Mascogos helped the Mexican army to contain the invasions in the border of the country. From their arrival until today, they live in the community of "El Nacimiento", lands that Benito Juárez gave to them, in gratefulness to their labor for the country.

Cultural destination

Location: El Nacimiento, Comunidad de la Tribu de los Negros Product cost: $25.00 – $70.00

Contact: (864) 100 2506 with attention to Mrs. María de Jesús.

Since 2012, the women from the Negros Mascogos tribe produce beauty products with regional plants grown in the workshop or in the surroundings. Their rosemary shampoo prevents hair loss, besides leaving hair nice and silky; Their walnut shampoo darkens the hair, leaving it shin. The ladies also make a powder made with governor that eliminates athlete's foot. For spots or wrinkles, aloe vera cream does wonders. 


Cultural destination

Cost: $30.00 – +$200.00

Contact: (864) 105 555 47

FB: Accesorios la Alegría

Rosa Delgado, Cinthia de los Santos and Job Salazar, are just a few of the apprentice craftspeople who make bracelets, necklaces and other items with horsehair. The work is meticulous and the result is fine pieces that they sell to pay for their studies. The students are guided by the teacher Jesús Arturo Elguezabal Estrada, a craftsman with more than 30 years of experience. Definitely a beautiful souvenir, perfectly crafted to take home.


Cultural destination

Information about saddlers: (861) 61 3 05 03

Carbonífera Tourist Offices

In Múzquiz you will find real masters in the art of saddlery. Home to the renouned Muzqueña saddle, an ideal piece of art for fans of equestrian activities. Múzquiz saddlers make excellent quality belts, wallets, chaps, knife cases, saddles and endless objects that you can purchase as souvenirs.


Contacto: (864) 616 2440

Location:: Santa Cruz #307 Col. Magisterio

Beautiful marble and fluorite tables are made by Don Florentino Garcia. Some of the pieces combine the technique of the mosaic to create very beautiful images, like the one of Santa Rosa de Lima, the municipal Patron Saint. In addition, Don Florentino makes kitchen plaques and sinks that fit at home perfectly, and tombstones to honor the memory of our loved ones.



Hotel San


27 Rooms

Presidente Juárez Nte. #605

Zona Centro, C.P. 26340

Tel: (864) 616 5070 y

(864) 6165071



20 Rooms

Blvd. Melchor Múzquiz #411 Ote. C.P. 26340

Tel: (864) 616 0234

Hotel Sabino


14 Rooms

Calle Adolfo E. Romo Pte. #906

Zona Centtro, C.P. 26340

Tel: (864) 616 0570


Santa Rosa

13 Rooms

Carr. Múzquiz – Nueva Rosita Km. 2.2, C.P. 26340

Tel: (864) 616 4323

Hotel Fiesta


44 Rooms

Carr. Múzquiz – Nueva Rosita Km. 3 C.P. 26340

Tel: (864) 616 4432

Hotel Posada

Los Ángeles

10 Rooms

Blvd. M. Múzquiz, Km. 4

Tel: (864) 616 4444


Santa Elena

14 Rooms

Calle Abelardo Menchaca #701 Nte. Zona Centro, C.P. 26340

Tel: (864) 616 4713



Restaurante & Bar El Jacal

Morelos #619 Sur Zona Centro, C.P. 26340

Phone: (864) 616 0126

Open: Tue to Sun: 12:00 - 23:00


Restaurante Los Pintos

Calle Hidalgo #500 Sur Zona Centro, C.P. 26340

Phone: (864) 616 0774

Open: Tue to Thu and Sun: 12pm - 11pm, Fri and Sat: 12pm - 1:30am

Bar: Jue a Sab: 18pm - 1:30am


El Perolito

Calle Morelos #100 Zona Centro, C.P. 26340

Phone: (864) 616 0327

Open: Mon to Thu: 12:00 - 1:00 and Fri to Sun: 12:00 - 2:00


Restaurante Bingo

Calle Hidalgo #306 Zona Centro, C.P. 26340

Phone: (864) 616 5300

Open: Tue to Sun: 8:00 - 23:00 / Bar, Thu to Sun: 10:00 - 2:00



Restaurante Martha´s

Pdte. Juárez #314 Nte. Zona Centro, C.P. 26340

Phone: (864) 616 2255

Open: Mon to Fri: 9:00 - 22:00, Sun: 10:00 - 22:00

Restaurante Los Tres

Santa Rosa #103 Pte. Zona Centro, C.P. 26340

Phone: (864) 616 4408

Open: Mon to Sun: 8:00 - 23:30

Wi - Fi

Food for takeout

Credit cards



Ouside tables


Emergency Numbers

* Hospital Z´ Cruz

(864) 61 65 900

* Hospital de Esp. de Múzquiz

(864) 616 1810

* Municipal Police

(864) 616 0615

* Fire Department

(864) 616 3322

* Health Center

(864) 616 0343


* Santander Serfin

Miguel Hidalgo #323

Tel: (864) 616 3236

* BBVA Bancomer

Presidente Juárez #309

Tel: (864) 616 0309

* Scotiabank

Ignacio Zaragoza #200

Tel: (864) 616 7008


* Sitio único

Tel: (864) 616 0245

* Sitio Águila

Tel: (864) 616 0201

* Sitio Santa Rosa

Tel: (864) 616 0804

* Sitio Gutiérrez

Tel: (864) 616 3650

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