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Welcome to Juárez! The municipality with the most spectacular sunsets of the Carboniferous Region. Founded in 1886 in the Alamo hacienda that belonged to the Sánchez Navarro family, Juárez receives its name in honor of Benito Juárez, Meritorious of the Americas. Here you can go sport fishing, or, if you enjoy kayaking or stand-up paddleboard, bring them with you because there are excellent options for fun at the famous Venustiano Carranza or Don Martín dam. Juárez is famous for its fishing tournaments, especially those that take place in the months of May and October.

What to visit?


Your safety when entering the water of the Venustiano Carranza dam is protected by the Don Martín Lighthouse Association, established in 2012.


It is important that you register in the facilities of the lighthouse, you can do it face-to-face or by phones conveniently provided. Also, remember that if you are going to sail you must bring one  life jacket for each crew member, flashlight, hand flares, rowing set, first aid kit, portable extinguisher, marine frequency radio receiver, charged cellular phone, anchor, a rope of at least 5m in length, multipurpose razor, and wear light footwear. Do not miss visiting this beautiful lighthouse in the municipality of Juarez, you will love it.

Contact Association
Main phone (861) 613 57 24

¿Qué visitar?


It is important that you register at the lighthouse's own facilities, you can do it face-to-face or reporting your entry to the phones: (861) 610 4531 (861) 613 572

A blue horizon where the sun falls, is the landscape that you will find in the Venustiano Carranza Dam. This dam, popularly known as "Don Martín", is famous for its imposing gates and for its sunsets, a spectacle of colors that you must contemplate. In addition, it is a source of important income thanks to the fishing that takes place there and a source of water supply, as it feeds on the Sabinas River. In the dam you can practice sport fishing, rent a boat to see its floodgates, swim on the shores or spend an afternoon paddling your kayak. It is important to mention that, in order to guarantee your safety, you must register at the entrance with the association of the Don Martín lighthouse.

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